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Intercity Express

Intercity are now using ReDeTrack live. The system completed successful field trials and was approved for use by one of Intercity's major customers: Phones4u.

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DropShipBuddy Goes Live

Our DropShipBuddy system is now being used by our first customer Drop Easy, a division of Activ8. Two retailers are already using the Drop Easy network to sell their products.


Gambian Domain Services

cyberSPACEMAN has been granted registrar status for the .gm top level domain. Registration only, hosting and website design services are to be offered to Gambian businesses.

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blank Basic Hosting £49.99
If you have a simple website with pages of text and pictures that rarely change, you will only need our Basic Hosting product. Basic Hosting includes:

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name allows world-wide web users to access your website. It will normally reflect your business name - like - or the nature of your business - like (this is B&Q).

You may find that your preferred domain name is not available because someone else is using it. If this is the case, we will help you find a suitable alternative that is available.

Once your domain name is registered, we will be able to use it to identify your website by adding the www prefix. So, for example, your toyshop, named The Doll House, might use

Domain registration is included in the hosting price, but that .com domains are more expensive and carry a £5 surcharge.

Website Hosting

In order for people to be able to visit your website, it must be placed on a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet. This is your web host.

We use an external, internationally recognised hosting company to provide this service. Their computers are monitored and supported by a large team of dedicated engineers at their 'server farm' premises. They guarantee that your website will be on line for 99% of the time, using a high-speed Internet link.

Information on visitors to your website will be collected daily, so you can see how much interest it is receiving using easy to read tables and charts.

We will help you promote your website in relevant Internet directories and search engines for free where these sites do not charge and advise you on how to promote your website through other websites that do. Free promotion can be quite effective as Internet directory websites themselves have a high level of visibility in the major search engines and a listing with them can often give you a high rank with the likes of google and yahoo.

blank Active Hosting £74.99

For an additional £25 per annum, we will provide your website with all sorts of interactive on-line content. With advanced hosting, your website will be able to respond to visitors actions and provide them with a personalised experience.

You will be able to change the content of your own website with easy to use tools so you can keep it up to date without having to learn website design yourself or paying someone like us to do it for you.

Active Hosting adds the following capability to the Basic Hosting Product:

Menus / Price Lists

Your visitors will be able to access your product lists and see images, descriptions and prices using a buttons on the screen or a Search function. You can place different items within categories to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for (say Main Courses or Exhausts).

What's better is that you will be able to add, remove or change items in your lists without knowing the first thing about website design using our simple to use list editor.

On Line Shopping

You might want to allow visitors to buy your products on line. Simply add a shopping basket to your list and users will be able to place orders, place money in your account and specify delivery details using the secure on-line e-commerce solution, PayPal. Place your product catalogue on line, promote your website and wait for the orders to start coming in!


If your is a social website - like a pub, club, school, or community group, you might want to include a scrapbook. This will allow you to publish photos, sound samples, movies, or other documents relating to company event. Your members will be able to visit the site and find out who they were dancing with last night!


This special page will allow you and your customers to log in to the website and post messages. You could keep your customers up-to-date with forthcoming events or ask them to suggest new products and services for you to consider. Only registered users will be allowed to post notes, and the system will relay notes to your email account as they are posted or even before if you prefer to approve them prior to posting.

Members-Only Chat Room

Register your club members and they will be able to log on to your website to join in on-line chat with other members, just like MSN, Yahoo! or ICQ.

And because only members registered by you can use it, your chatters will be protected from strangers.

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