About Us

cyberSPACEMAN was formed in 2004 by its two founders, Jon Mellor and Dave Hindle. Both had significant IT careers behind them, working for consultancies and large blue-chip organisations.

The website market was near saturation at this point, but there seemed to be a niche as yet unexplored. Many new businesses created over the previous ten or so years had adopted a high-volume, low-price model and in some cases had developed a significant market share as a result.

The website business, though, did not have this type of player. Low cost website developers were, generally, one-man outfits with very low volumes and variable results. What was needed was a product that was of the highest quality, built to bespoke design at a low cost.

A product designed along these lines would allow the smaller business entry into the worldwide web at a price that would not absorb months of profits.

Dave and Jon had the technical and business know-how to deliver this service. Using new technology and keeping the overheads to a minimum, they were able to launch cyberSPACEMAN with an entry-level hosting and website design package costing 200 pounds (around 300 euro).

Our aim is to become a widely recognised brand and to surplant both the cowboys and the high cost players by beating them both on either quality or cost.

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