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If you have a website and you want it to work harder for you, or if you are thinking about obtaining one, have a look at some of the points below. Please let us know if you find any of them useful or if there is anything else we can advise you on by emailing us here.

I have a website, but it provides no benefit to my business

You need to promote your website. Add your website address to your company stationary, your signage, your invoices, flyers, business cards, newspaper ads and on any other media you communicate with customers with. You could also consider adding it to your listings in yellow pages and other listings. This may cost money, so try and work out how much of an impact on business would be needed to justify the expense and decide whether or not you think it is reasonable.

You could also spend a little time promoting your website on the internet. Try a google and yahoo search using the sort of phrases your customers might type in if they were looking for a business like yours. Ask your freinds and family to do the same. Check the results and write down the addresses of all the directory sites that you see in the top 20. These directory sites can be very useful and are often free.

If you type 'Hat makers in Doncaster' into the search engine and get '' in the result, have a look at their website. If they are a directory, they should have a page for you to add your details. If its free, you have nothing to loose and within a couple of weeks you might be getting into the google top 20 yourself!

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