Intercity Express Rolls out ReDeTrack

Intercity are a high value courier based in the UK and operating throughout Europe. They provide a premium same-day end-to-end collection and delivery service for prestigious customer such as Phones 4u.

They are now using our ReDeTrack track and trace system. The system allows their customers to send order manifest data by email and then allows them to monitor the progress of their packages through the delivery process using the intercity website.

Intercity drivers carry a Datalogic Jet hand-held computer. They use this to scan package label barcodes as they load or deliver them on outbound or return legs. They also collect POD (proof of delivery) data.

All of this information is show on web-based as it happens because it is transmitted using a GPRS link. As GPRS is wideley available around the world, ReDeTrack can be used internationally too (as a recent test in The Netherlands proved).

Phones 4u, who are one of Intercity's major customers and who had input into the system, described ReDeTrack as 'the cream' and have declared it 'perfect' for their needs as a business reliant on efficient movement of high value stock. cyberSPACMAN are proud to have been selected to provide the design and rollout services for the new website. We have also provided web design and hosting services and hosting for their company email system.

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