Whatever hosting option you choose, we will provide you with unlimitted email addresses. You can receive mail on any of your addresses using a single login to our mail server.

Dynamic Content

You may choose from a number of active content products. These allow you and your customers to change the website. You may want to add or remove products or services from your pricelist. You may want to post information about a forthcoming event or display photos of a recent one. Your customers may wish to share their news or talk to each other in real time from anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless.

Renewals and Charges

We charge the agreed renewal price, based on your contract plus £5 per extra domain name which covers a 1 year period. We do not charge for cancellations, changes of registration or transfers. We will email the contact of the account with your invoice, 30 days before your renewal is due to expire to ensure you have time to decide if you would like to keep the website and domain name. Should you wish to keep the domain name, you simply need to pay the invoice within the granted time period. If you do not wish to renew please contact our team, (Contact Us). If you do not respond the domain name will not be renewed and will be suspended 30 days after the expiry date and cancelled after a further 60 day grace period.

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