Updating Your Products and Services Lists

If you have chosen Active Hosting and have a number of Price List / Menu pages, you will be able to keep them up-to-date using your web console. You can use this on any web-enabled computer - even in a cybercafe on holiday! Just login by typing the address we give you when we set up your account into the web browser (eg Internet Explorer or Firefox).

When you do this, you will be asked for your user name and password. These are different to your email user name and password for security reasons, so keep them safe.

Click the login button and, if you have entered the correct details, you will see your console. The top part of this has links to allow you to navigate back up your menu, to return to the website or to manage your users (customers or co-workers accounts).

The lower part allows you to navigate down your menu and to add, remove or change items on each list. Initially, you will see your top-level menu pages listed. If you click on one of these, the display will change and show the pages within the top-level one you clicked. As you navigate down the menu hierarchy, the navigation tool in the top-left of the screen will add each branch to a path from the top level. You can go back to any level in this path by clicking the page you want to go back to.

If you reach a menu page containing a list of products, the list will be displayed and a form allowing you to create another item will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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